Online Lead Generation: Proven Techniques For Capturing Emails

120 timeless proven techniques of capturing emails

Online lead generation from your website can be easy as saying cheese!

In the post below, I would share with you timeless, proven techniques which has been tried and tested to work in lead generation from your website.

Irrespective of your brand, business or market, online lead generation follow the same rules and the techniques below would help you generate leads online only if you act on the techniques provided.

Did you know in 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States and a 2013 research published in Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly report reveals that email beats search and social combined as the largest driver of conversions.

With the statistics cited above, lead generation through your website, should become the focus of any marketing strategy.

Now to the sweet spot.

Proven Techniques and Tools For Online Lead Generation.

1. Use content upgradesIn an article published on Search Engine Journal Bamidele Onibalusi cites content upgrades as relevant incentives that you offer to your readers immediately after reading or while reading your content for them to sign up. Content Upgrades convert massively because they are relevant to the article your reader is reading, and because they are offered right after your reader read relevant content on your website. A perfect example of someone who has put content upgrades to good use and reaping the benefits is Brian Dean of Backlinko, Brian Dean reveals a 785% boost in conversion thanks to content upgrades.

You could offer anything ranging from ebooks to a 7-day free trial membership. In summary and in plain English, insert hooks that require giving up email addresses into your blog post or website.

using content upgrades on digitimatic
Brian Dean using content upgrades


2. Pop-ups and Slides In – website visitors after scrolling on a page could be shown a slide from the left offering an incentive in return for their emails for example in an exclusive interview, Bamidele Onibalusi of WritersInCharge records a 2.20% percent increase in subscribers by using a slider form on the left offering a particular incentive. There is always room for improvement, you could split test to see what works for you.

Recommended tools for pop-ups and slides in email capturing: OPTIN MONSTER (paid) Or SUMO ME (free)

Opt in form for writersincharge
WritersInCharge Opt in Form


3. Exit pop-ups –  the following online lead generation technique simply involves a pop up showing immediately when your website notices a visitor is about leaving your webpage or website. To record success with a technique as this, I would recommend using a tool such as Bounce Exchange, using this particular technique WP beginner was able to increase their subscriber base by 600%.

How We Increased Our Email Subscribers by 600 with OptinMonster


4. Pop-ups at the end of post or form at the bottom of a post – Are you an avid reader of Hubspot blogs? You would notice there are offers at the bottom of each content or article, this is another form of content upgrade but it’s still an effective lead generation technique.

Hubspot Offers

5. Sticky bar at the top of each page – How does gaining an extra 1,180 subscribers sound to you? Thanks to Hello Bar, DIY Themes gained an extra 1,180 subscribers under 30 days, all you need to do setup Hello Bar with your offers and watch your email list kippuchao!

Remember most visitors would read your headline first which is directly under the Hello Bar. In a test a hello bar with a tangible promise converts 28% better than a hello bar with an intangible promise.


6. Using your Sidebar – what do big names like Bamidele Onibalusi and Darren Rowse in the blogosphere have in common? They both made judicious use of their blog’s sidebar, make certain tweaks to your website and make use of your sidebar effectively in capturing email addresses of your visitors. Quicksprout makes a perfect example of this.

Remember visitors might not see this often and conversion would be low.

Sidebar for capturing emails on Quicksprout's blog
Sidebar for capturing emails on Quicksprout’s blog


7. Welcome Mat or Welcome Gate – Using a welcome mat for your website visitors, can be a great way of capturing email addresses while offering something in return, why this technique is so effective is , it removes distractions and covers the whole screen leaving the visitor with only two choices refuse the offer or optin. A tool that can be used for this purpose is Optin Monster, Bamidele Onibalusi of WritersInCharge reveals his welcome mat grows his email list by 1500 subscribers every month.

welcome mat
Welcome Mat on WritersInCharge


8. Dedicated landing page – Now this is one very technical but highly effective online lead generation technique, did you know Moz (formerly SEOmoz made $1 million from one landing page and email marketing? There are quite a number of landing page companies out there, go for one that meets your need and holds a reputation for conversions.

Landing pages
A landing page


9. Offer something in return – everyone likes freebies! Offer anything a free trial membership, an ebook, a free 7 part mini course, a free SEO report on the visitors website, you are competing against a hundred millions of blogs, offer something so good that visitors can’t refuse.

make an offer visitors can't refuse
Give offers your visitors can’t refuse


10. Feature Box or Feature Box Plugin – a feature box can be a medium sized box placed at the top of your page or website. It includes a carefully design interface including a sign-up form with an offer, feature boxes are so effective that using heat maps you realize the header of your website is the first thing your visitors see when they visit. Examples of feature boxes that converts can be found on,,

feature box digitimatic
Feature Box on WriterInCharge Blog


11. Create offers and giveaways regularly – creating giveaways and offers regularly would automatically increase brand awareness and traffic to the site which when optimized would result in an increase in subscribers. Running on a budget? Use a free tool such as Sumo Me for capturing emails.


12. Call To Action – the power of a simple call to action or CTA at the end of your post would go a long way in affecting what visitors do on your website, either getting to give up their email address, go for an offer or share your content.

Recommended Tools or Software for email capturing

Pop-Ups: Sumo Me, Optin Monster

Welcome Gate or Mat: Optin Monster, Sumo Me

Header Bar: Hello Bar, Smart Bar By Sumo Me

Exit Intent: Bounce Exchange

Feature Box: Plugin Matter

In Conclusion

Before going frenzy about getting more traffic, make adequate preparation to convert the traffic you are currently and will continue getting, remember 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a direct result of an email marketing message – Direct Marketing Association (2013)

So there you have it, proven online lead generation techniques from your website.

What other techniques do you use in lead generation? Let’s share in your comments below.