11 Reasons You’re Doing Customer Support on Twitter All Wrong


Not having customer support on Twitter cost you money!

In a report published by Zendesk, 40% of customers would purchase from a competitor once they learned that the competitor offers superior customer service. Have you tried reaching out to your shipping company, e-commerce store regarding your late order or cable company in regards to your account only to be disappointed by no replies or there is no official customer support on Twitter?

Can i get a yes?


The truth is 67% of consumers have used a brand’s social media for servicing either for inquiries or solutions.

Another 33% of customers prefer to contact brands through social media than phone since they spent much time online.

Due to poor customer service or experience with brands, 45% of customers share negative reviews on social media, while only 30% share positive reviews.

62% of companies believe they would lose ground if they don’t adopt social customer service technology in customer service operations.

Twitter is a free social platform and I would label it a digital marketing sin if your brand is in one way or other not using the platform for branding or customer support. A Forrester research report shows that between 2009 and 2012 the number of brands using Twitter for customer support increased by 22%. In his book titled Going Social, Social Media Expert Jeremy Goldman cites and I quote: Just a few years ago building real relationships with your customers online was a competitive advantage; now it is a basic requirement.

Losing or gaining an additional 40% increase in customer base alone should motivate you to push your marketing team to get online and start providing superior customer support on Twitter, you might be thinking how does this yield ROI then remember that it cost $1 per social customer care interaction compared to $2.50 – $5 per email and $6 per phone call.

Example of brands excelling at customer support on Twitter includes but not limited to the following:





Royal Dutch Airline KLM


“11 reasons you are doing customer support on Twitter all wrong”

1. You don’t have a dashboard to manage your timeline and conversation

You or your marketing team needs to get a tool or software to use as a dashboard, It would be totally inefficient to use the main website for customer support on Twitter, get a tool like HootSuite, Tweetdeck, SproutSocial etc to manage your conversations right from one dashboard.

Tweetdeck on digitimatic

2. You are transferring customers to another channel 


It would  be totally inefficient to carry out customer support on Twitter and still have to redirect customers to an email address or phone number, put the necessary facilities in place to make sure request can be handled by the same social customer support team after receiving the request on social media.

3. Not keeping private information to DM’s

Use DM's properly and make people know you sent them
Use DM’s properly and make people know you sent them

Private information or delicate information should never be shared or discussed by tweets they can be seen or read by anyone rather the customer support team on Twitter should ask customers to share such information as a direct message to the team or respondent. Private information such as:

Social security number

Login details

Email addresses

Phone numbers


Billing Information

Items or services purchased from your business

3. Ignoring negative feedback


One of the biggest flaws with brands is to ignore negative feedback, it lingers like a dark cloud over your business. Reach out to the unsatisfied customer about your support service and right your wrongs, even go the extra mile to make sure the customer is well pleased that he or she changes the feedback.

4. Taking forever to respond


It is advised to respond to tweets within the hour or less when possible; once you fail to do this, your brand might get a negative feedback and one negative feedback can go a long way in harming your brand and business.

Chart showing faster replies leads to more revenue
Chart showing faster replies leads to more revenue

53% of customers expect business to reply their tweets within an hour.



6. Use Initials or Name for Tweets especially for teams – add names into bio or end of tweets (personalize the experience)



Humans are humans and like to be treated as such; remember to make your support team original, friendly and accessible. You could add names of your customer support team in the bio of your profile or each tweet should be signed with the name of the customer support respondent, this does not only increase trust and personalize the experience of the customer, it also increases the efficiency of your support team.

That way teams can track conversations and be efficient and you also gain satisfied and loyal customers.

7. Not tracking your brand mentions


Not every customer would tweet right at your Twitter handle, advise the team to create a separate column or row in Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or SproutSocial to track mention by just searching for your brand name, that way you are not only helping but

*Creating awareness

*Increasing the brand image

*Acquiring new customers

8. Don’t be robotic!! Be human, original or slightly witty

Nike support team
Nike support team

Never ever use robots or automate Twitter response or you might end up with a negative image. Twitter is a platform to be more casual with customers than with email, so keep interactions in a conversational tone.

9. Not understanding your customers

Research has shown that everyone like to feel important and would not want to admit it, have you walked into your favourite restaurant and you are greeted and welcomed by your first name, remember that smile on your face?

Do the same for your customers, put that smile on their faces.

10. Just solving problems or enquiries and bade customers bye

Do more than solve issues or answer enquiries, reach out to customers on birthdays, give shoutouts, offer a free product or service occasionally would show that you care and appreciate them.

11. Lastly, You are not giving customer support to people who are not yet customers without mentioning your service or products

While tracking mentions, it is instinct to recommend your services or products but it is more rewarding to recommend other products and services then allow customers to make their choices that way you develop loyal customers.

In Recap; ways brand can build excellent customer service on Twitter or secrets of the best customer service twitter account:

Be friendly: Empathize with the customer and offer to help

Be Personal: use real names and sign every reply

Be responsive usually less than an hour

Be accessible: follow up to make sure the problem is resolved


Twitter recently launched two new tools for business to make customer service better on twitter by adding a direct message link in their Tweets so customers can DM directly without leaving their timeline and also a customer feedback feature where customers can leave and view reviews on business right on Twitter.

Twitter is constantly changing and you need to effectively coin the social platform for your business benefit, do that right now or revisit your strategy if you are using the platform with no returns. Improve your brand image, give superior customer server and increase your following by making Twitter customer service a priority.

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