5 Giant Steps To Better Understand Your Customers' Content Needs

Social Media Marketing Statistics 2016 and Beyond


According to the Facebook team, Facebook has 1.32 billion daily active users.

76 percent of people use their Facebook feed to find interesting content.

In the past 2 years, content consumption on Facebook increased by 57 percent.

Surprisingly, 74 percent of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes.

Facebook sends 82 percent of social media traffic to longer stories and 84 percent  of traffic to shorter news articles according to Pew.

Post with images on Facebook enjoy 2.3X more engagement than posts without images. READ MORE

Do Snapchat Marketing Like A Pro

Do Snapchat Marketing Like A Pro

In a report by Bloomberg News, Snapchat now delivers more than 7 billion videos to users each day.

Starting out as a photo exchanging app which disappears after 10 seconds, little did we know it would become the highest holder of engagement in 2016.

Due to its popularity and audience, businesses and marketers are constantly looking for ways to interact with the app audience.

You might be thinking my business does not cater for teenagers and millennials but the truth is, if your business plans to be around for the next decade or more  then you would be selling to millennials and the generation Z. READ MORE

Twitter Ads: Basic Guide To Lead Generation

Basic guide to Twitter Ads digitimatic.com

Are you tapping into the full potential of Twitter ads?

500 million tweets are sent out every day on Twitter and you are doing your business a disservice if you don’t have a social media strategy for Twitter.

Do you command a huge following on Twitter, planning to build a brand or use it for customer support then you need Twitter Ads.

Setting Up Twitter Ads

Setting up your account for Twitter ads is very much basic, simply click on the drop-down menu beside the new tweet icon (on PC) then you see an option for Twitter ads as you can see in the image below: READ MORE

11 Reasons You’re Doing Customer Support on Twitter All Wrong


Not having customer support on Twitter cost you money!

In a report published by Zendesk, 40% of customers would purchase from a competitor once they learned that the competitor offers superior customer service. Have you tried reaching out to your shipping company, e-commerce store regarding your late order or cable company in regards to your account only to be disappointed by no replies or there is no official customer support on Twitter?

Can i get a yes?


The truth is 67% of consumers have used a brand’s social media for servicing either for inquiries or solutions. READ MORE

How to Gain More Leads using Facebook Lead Ads

14 effective ways to use facebook lead ads

What is your favourite advertising platform? Are you making use of Facebook lead ads in your inbound marketing strategy?

Knowing that 65% of Facebook’s 1.5 billion population check Facebook every day, I would advise integrating Facebook lead ads into your marketing strategy.

According to 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report, 52% of marketers sourced a lead from Facebook and this number has grown over time. Lead ads from Facebook is far cheaper and efficient compared to driving leads to landing pages and with third-party tools like snaptiks, your leads can be imported into MailChimp or getresponse. READ MORE